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The Pathway Team Concept


Client care is organized with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration in terms of treatment. Program resources are organized around each client through the development and implementation of an individualized and comprehensive Master Treatment Plan.


Pathway staff providing treatment come together as a team and is organized in accordance with the services provided.  Members of the team include the client, family, Clinical Director, Primary Therapist, Substance Abuse Therapist, Physician, Psychiatrist, Nursing Staff, Group Leader, Educational Staff, and Vocational Staff.


Our key personnel are our most valuable asset, comprised of 9 employees representing every discipline within our organization. Their average length of employment with Pathway is over 19 years.

Leadership Team


Joe Peeples

Chief Executive Officer


Mr. Peeples is the Chief Executive Officer. He started his career as a Direct Care Staff for Three Springs in 1994 and joined Pathway, Inc. in 2003. Mr. Peeples has more than 20 years of experience in the field in multiple capacities and in an array of program settings. He has spent 17 of his 20 years in a Managerial position. Mr. Peeples is a graduate of Troy University.


Contact information

Phone: (334) 894-5591



Brad Wood

Chief Operations Officer


Mr. Wood is the Chief Operations Officer for Pathway, Inc.  He is a graduate of Auburn University at Montgomery.  He has over 19 years of experience in marketing in a variety of field settings.


Contact information

Phone: (334) 894-5591


Karen Brabham


Chief Compliance Officer


Ms. Brabham is the Chief Compliance Officer for Pathway, Inc. She is a graduate of Troy State University with a MS in Counseling and Psychology and is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She began working at Pathway in 2002 as a therapist. 


Contact information

Phone: (334) 894-5591



Alesha Booth

Chief Financial Officer


Mrs. Booth is the Chief Financial Officer for Pathway, Inc. She is a graduate of Troy University

where she obtained her degree in accounting. Prior to joining Pathway, Mrs. Booth worked in hospital accounting and has 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry.


Contact Information:

Phone: (334) 330-0032



Mark Sullivan

Director of Education


Mr. Sullivan is the Education Coordinator for Pathway, Inc.  Mr. Sullivan received his Masters of Science from Troy University.  He started his career in 1993 as a group leader with Pathway, Inc.  Mr. Sullivan has over 18 years of experience working in the field in multiple capacities.

As the Education Coordinator Mr. Sullivan works closely with the local education agency, Coffee County Schools, to arrange state testing, speech services, and other recommended services.  He coordinates with the Alabama Department of Education and enforces state standards for Pathway, Inc. while simultaneously maintaining oversight of reports, student records & teacher training/certifications.


Contact information

Phone: (334) 894-5405


Kimberly Fail


Director of Baldwin County Campus


Mrs. Fail is the Director of the Baldwin County Campus. She is a graduate of The University of Alabama with a Master's in Social work. She is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and Certified for Private Independent Practice. She began her career at the Baldwin County Residential Wilderness Program where she worked as a Therapist, Program Director, then Clinical Director. She began working at Pathway of Baldwin County in 2016. 



Contact information

Phone: (251) 405-3107 


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