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Helping today's youth find A NEW DIRECTION in life...


Clinical Services


A licensed clinical psychologist supervises a comprehensive clinical assessment and renders diagnoses. The evaluations are the fundamental basis for developing individualized treatment plans for each client. A Clinical Director actively supervises the provision of group, individualized, and family therapies by certified, masters level therapists. Monthly treatment team meetings are designed to ensure participation, coordination, continuity and quality of care. This process engages staff members, families and clients in identifying specific needs and establishing goals leading to positive family outcomes.

Vocational Services


Pathway is renowned for its rich and colorful history of vocational development. For years we have been constructing almost all of our own facilities.  Under the supervision of teaching credentialed vocational instructors, our young men acquire real skills. We encourage teamwork and promote the development of effective work ethics. "Our boys" typically have strong backs and calloused hands from carpentry, basic plumbing and electricity, masonry, roofing, and home maintenance courses.

Educational Services


Pathway is recognized by the Alabama State Department of Education to provide both regular and special education classes. Individualized educational plans are implemented for each student and all academic credits are eligible for transfer.  Typically our special education certified teachers serve classes that average 13 students with assistance from behavioral aides. FOR MORE INFORMATION - SEE PATHWAY SCHOOL WEB PAGE.

Dietary Services


Pathway's new dining facility was constructed by our boys & girls and serves as one treatment milieu for the development of independent living skills. More than during any other period of life, our clients require large quantities of good and nutritionally appropriate food. Pathway provides for consultative services by a registered, licensed dietician to ensure that special dietary needs, as well as those of growing young men and women are met.


Recreational Services


Gender and age appropriate, socially acceptable "fun" should be a part of all treatment programs.  Pathway schedules and supervises both on and off-campus activities therapy and recreation to include fishing, swimming, weight training, sports, movies, fairs, and extended and short term off-campus trips and excursions.

Medical Services


A registered nurse provides general medical and dental screenings, medication administration and monitoring, and referral to off-site physicians, medical specialists, and dentists with parental participation and advisement. In addition, on-site consultations are scheduled routinely with a board certified physician.



Administrative Services


Pathway's highly qualified and experienced "mom and pop" management team directs a focused and enthusiastic staff of professionals. Their collective mandate is to warranty program integrity as stewards of a dynamic child care facility.


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